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About me, Jessica Parsons

We are here for an infinitely short time to get caught up with what isn’t important.”

I became a coach because I have always felt a deep sense of purpose to help others. Mindset growth is one of my biggest core values and I am dedicated to empowering my client’s to live to their highest potential and become the best version of themselves. I am just an ordinary person like you, no super powers, but through decades of learning and personal self-development I am able to help my clients take the steps they need to achieve their desired outcome. I have the ability to inspire others through my passion for life and determination to live my life fully. We are here for an infinitely short time to get caught up with what isn’t important.

Having overcome my own personal challenges and difficulties I was able to become the confident leader of my own life and reach the goals I once felt were impossible. Sharing my methods and experience with my clients will help them create the life they deserve. 

As a certified mBIT coach, I help my clients with self-belief, confidence, positivity and motivation along with all areas of well-being. I am naturally empathic and kind but also with a no-nonsense, straight talking approach. I understand that this may not suit all and that is why it is crucial to find the right coach for you. 

How I work as a Life Coach

I will give you the best of my capabilities in an honest, safe space with a little sense of humour thrown in.


I work in a structured way but also allow my clients to guide their sessions to go where needed to get the results for them.


I will support and guide you by challenging you, holding you accountable but, to also, inspire and empathise with you.


Trust is key because if you are going to share your biggest, boldest dreams and your deepest fears with someone, you need the trust element.


I will not tell you what to do. I will support, encourage and motivate you to find the answers within yourself. We will set goals and plan small steps to get you to your desired outcome.

My 5 Pillars

I am committed to my own personal growth and well-being by using my personal 5 Pillars in life to keep me accountable:


Clear on the direction of life.


Free from the mental clutter and chaos of life.


Strength to live the life you deserve.


Peace of mind knowing you are in good control of your life and your thoughts.


Accepting yourself.